* TODA (Theater of digital art) Dubai October- .
* Denver Digerati. Denver, Colorado. USA. September.
* Intervals new media art festival. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia. 27-29 August. Curated by Generative gallery Moscow
* New music video for British techno arist Dax J.
* Beijing Contemporary Art Expo 2021 - Story Futurism from the Past. 2021.5.25th - 2021.8.31st. Contemplating Past and Future in Chinese Contemporary Art at Beijing Exhibition Center.
* Gallery weekend Beijing. China. 22 April - 2 May. Presented by BANK mabsociety gallery, Shanghai
* Konstpaus by Stockholm konst. 9 April - 27 May. LED screens in Stockholm city at Katarinahissen, Stureplan & Kungsgatan.Curated by Frida Cornell and Stefan Otto. With suport from BANK mabsociety gallery, Shanghai.

* Solo exhibition with BANK mabsociety gallery Shanghai at the Nanjing international art fair, Nanjing, China. 26-29 Nov.
* Video screening at CologneOFF IX – Beyond All. Germany. 7-13 Nov. Curated by Wilfried Agricola De Cologne.
* Video premier for ‘MorMúrō’ (collab with German artist DVDv) + 1 hour live screening at the 8MM Bar in Berlin (Schönhauser Allee 177b) 1st Nov, 4-9 pm + virtual streaming.
* Spatial Bodies: Shenzhen & Hong Kong at Blon- Blon animation and games festival. 10-13 Sept.Lithuania
* SIMULTAN Festival 2020. Timisoara. Rumania.
* The virtual group exhibition SIMULAKRA
Created and curated by Istanbul-based art collective DECOL.
* NOWNESS China's magazine vol.1. Interview, article and guest curator. June.
* online exhibition 'The Universe is a Simulation' by Labocine and Imagine Science Festival NYC.
* Premiere for a new video called 'Holometabolism' - collaboration with British composer Sion Trefor + interview by Italian magazine DesignWanted.
* Spatial Bodies: Hong Kong & Shenzhen article by Designboom.

* Dec. 2019 Bi-city Biennale of Urbanism\Architecture. Shenzhen, China.
* 18-25 Oct.Imagine Science Film Festival. New York City.
* 24-25 Aug. CYLAND Video Archive in Kirov.
* 5-9 Sept. Prix ars electronica animation festival. Linz, Austria.
* 2 April - 16 June. Solo video exhibition at Hiroshima MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art), Japan.
* 22 - 29 April. International Video Art Festival of Camagüey- 2019 Cuba
* 5 - 18 April. Solo video exhibition. Mock Jungle. Bologna, Italy.
* 16 - 24 Mars.Synthetic Mediart festival,Taipei, Taiwan. PostSynthetic Interactions through Digital Aesthetics curated by ADAF.
Synthetic mediart
* 23 Feb. Digital Dynamics in Nordic Contemporary Art. Book compilation of Nordic Contempoary art published by Intellect books. Initiated and edited by curator Tanya Toft Ag. Launch at the Scandinavian house, New York City, followed by other events at various places throughout the year.


* 22-23 Nov. Maison Architecture 74 - 19e Rencontres internationales du film d'architecture in Annecy, France.
* 22 - 24 Nov.  Salone del Mobile. Milano/ Shanghai in Milano, Italy. (an cultural exchange event between Italy and China). Curated by IDEAT magazine and BANK gallery, Shanghai.
* 15 Sept - 11 Nov. Biwako Biennale 2018. Omihachiman. Japan. Curated by Yoko Nakata.
* 7 sept - 5 okt. Group exhibition. Berlin. Germany. curated by Lilian Engelmann and Steffen Scheumann. Featuring: Miriam Jonas, Sven Johne, Aujik, Florian Haas, Achim Riethmann sowie Ina Abuschenko-Matwejewa eingeladen.
* 22 Sept. Reality Bytes, Supernova digital animation festival in Denver, Colorado.
* 4 & 5 Oct. Playgrounds The Art Department (a digital art conference and festival) STRP/AUJIK AR Graffiti project
* 30th Sept Aristotle's Lyceum in Athens, Greece, as part of the European Heritage Days by Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports with a screening program entitled Cities-Pol(e). Curated by Athens Media Arts Festival.
* 30 June - 29 December. STRP/Emoves. AR Graffiti Solo exhibition at StripJ. Eindhoven, Netherlands. Dutch Design Week 20 - 28 Oct. AR-apps Available for Iphone and Android.
* 15 June - 12 August. 'The legacy of architectonic futurism'. Group exhibition. BANK gallery. Shanghai. China.
* 24 - 27 May. 14th Athens Digital Art Festival. Singularity Now. Megaron Athens Concert Hall.
* 30 May - 30 Oct. Group exhibition. MARS Contemporary art center. Moscow, Russia. Curated by Generative Gallery.
* 24 - 27 April. Video group exhibition. Accelerator at Stockholm's university, Sweden. Curated by by Richard Julin, Artistic Director at Accelerator. Distributed by Filmform.
Participating artists: Sofia Hultén, AUJIK (Stefan Larsson), Gunilla Klingberg, Liv Strand, Kihlberg & Henry, Katarina Löfström, Debora Elgeholm, Viking Eggeling.
* 23 Mars - 13 May. Solo exhibition at Åbo/Turku-konstmuseum. Finland. Impermanence Trajectory. (premiere for the new video Impermanence Trajectory III: THALAMUS.
Curated by Annina Siren.
* 7 - 22 April. Solo exhibition at Kvarnen, Söderhamn. Sweden.
* 2 - 12 February. Cyfest. St.Petersburg, Russia. Weather forecast: Digital Cloudiness. Curated by Viktroiya Ilyushkina.

* 11th Cyfest international video screening 'To touch the sky'. Premiere in NYC, 7 Dec. @ the New York Media Center by IFP.
30 John Street, Brooklyn New York.
*Salzburger Kunstverein. Germany. Rooms of our Time. 12 Sept. Curated by Claduia Rohrmoser:
* Premiere for the music video 'Cloud Nothings - up to the surface'. Commsioned by Cloud Nothings and Carpark records.
*Supernova, Denver, Colorado. Outdoor digital animation festival. 22&23 Sept.
New short video called TANBO.
* Premiere for Alien BIOTIC. Offical short film for Alien Convenant. Directed by Zev Deans. Commisioned by Twentieth Century Fox. All CGI by AUJIK.
*63 Oberhausen international short film festival. Presented by Filmform 15 May.
* Glas Animation Festival. Berkeley. California. 2-5 Mar.
*Interview in Artwriting by Silvia Gindick.
* Zoom Festival. Poland. Award nominated work. 20-26 Feb.
* Södertälje Konsthall. Video screening. 16 Feb. Distributed by Filmform. Curated by Debora Elgeholm och Lina Persson.
* Cyberfest. St. Petersburg. Russia. 25 Jan-07 Feb.
*Vårsalongen. Liljevalch. 2017. Malmskillnadsgatan 32, Stockholm, Sweden. 11 Jan - 5 March.


* Decadence. Denver, Colorado. New Years eve event. curated by Supernova.
*The video 'Spatial Bodies' recived first price award .- "Film Architecture Prize presented by DETAIL" - at Animago: award & conference. 2016 in Munchen, Germany.
* Premiere for a new music video. Guzz - temple encounter. Featured by Noisey China.
88 rising:
*CutOut Fest. International animation and digital art festival. Querétaro, Mexico. 17-20 Nov.
*KURZfilmfestival. 16-20 Nov. Koeln. Germany.
*Global Futures Forum. The Future Laboratory.
London. Shoreditch town hall. 12 Oct.
New York City. 26 Oct.
*Computer Space. International Computer Art Forum. Sofia, Bulgaria. Award nominated work.
28-30 Oct.
*Sapporo Short Film Festival. Curated by OnedotZero. 11-15 Oct.
*Animago award. 'award nominated work'. Gasteig, Munchen. Germany. 27&28 Oct.
*Supernova. 'award nominated work'. Denver, Colorado. 24 Sept.
*Contemporary Art Ruhr. SANAA building. Essen. Germany. 28-30 October.
Curated by Directors Lounge.
*'Spatial Bodies'. New video work.
Featured by:
Interview by DIS:

*Premeire for 'Tense Stage', music video for Kel Valhaal (Hunter Hunt-Hendrix)
*Group exhibition at Gallery Jinsun in Seoul, South Korea. 17 – 26 June 2016. Curated by Julia Murakami.
*Proceso de Error – 3rd International Experimental Video Festival in Valparaiso/Chile
31 May – 4 June 2016.
Curated by Wilfried Agricola de Cologne.
*OnedotZero. International screening tour 2016.
The Microwave International Media Art Festival in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong city hall. Curated by OneDotZero.
3-12 June.
*Resonate Belgrade April 12-16.
*Presentation of Work in Progress, Spatial Bodies.



*Swedish short film days/Svenska kortfilmsdagarna at Skanstulls t-station. Stockholm. 21 Dec until 4 Jan.
A collaboration betweeen the Swedish film institute, Filmform, SL:s konstråd and curator Frida Cornell

* New video work 'Polygon Graffti: Karakuri Cores'.


* Group exhibition. CO-WORKERS. Museum of Modern art/Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris. Part of DIS's installation.
October 9 - January 31.
Exhibition curators :
Angeline Scherf
Toke Lykkeberg
Jessica Castex
Mise en scène : DIS

* Group exhibition.

NEW YORK CITY (USA): October 25 - 28, 2015

A limousine will run around the main streets of New York City for 5 hours and passengers will be involved by video art.
The opening of the event will be on the 25th of October 2015, in New York City, starting from 02.00 PM.
At the end of the Limousine Festival, all selected videos will be screened at the XY Atelier Contemporary Art Gallery, from the 25th to the 28th of the October 2015, as part ofFluidity exhibition,
curated by Angela Rose Viens and XY Gallery team, starting from 07:00 PM
* Group exhibition. 'London Calling' Factory Art Gallery.
Oxo Tower Wharf - Bargehouse Street South Bank - London
Part of London Art Fair.
22-25 Oct.

London Calling.
*The Wrong. New Digital Art Biennale
'Uncurated' curated by Gibrann Morgado. VR installation.
Nov 1st. 2015 to Jan 31st. 2016 
Museo del Chopo, Mexico City

*Steirischer Herbst cultural. Austria.
German journalist, author and biologist Christian Schwägerl presentation featuring work by AUJIK.
*Liverpool International Festival of Psycadelia.
3 Channel Audio/Visual installation for Sun Araw.
Blade Factory District. Liverpool. UK.
24-25 Sept.

* Premiere for the promotional video 'Gazebo Effect' for American experimental electronic artist Sun Araw:
*Group Exhibition: FILE 2015 - Electronic Language International Festival. June 15 to July 19 at Fiesp Cultural Center, Sao Paulo, Brazil.
* Premiere for the promotional video 'Quetzalcoatl' for american black metal band Liturgy:
*Solo Exhibition: CAC (Contemporary Art Center) Vilnius, Lithuania. 4-18 March.
Curated by Neringa Bumbliene.
*18th Japan Media Arts Festival. (Jury selections award for the video 'Impermanence Trajectory: stained seed' music composed by Mira Calix).
Exhibition of award winning works will be held at the National Art Center and other venues in Tokyo between 4-15 February 2015.

*NY Media Center. Cyberfest video art program. Brooklyn, New York. 8 January 2015.


*DIS Magazine. Premiere of the video 'Plasticity Unfolding'
*SIMULTAN. Video art festival.
Timisoara. Romania. 8-11 Oct.
*Cyland media art lab's Cyberfest.
14 Nov. LUDA gallery. St Petersburg

Cyland website.
*SL-video konst. Skanstullls T-station. Stockholm, Sweden.
Distributed by Filmform.
1 Oct - 31 Jan 2015
*Prix Ars Electronica 2014. "Best of selection".
Computer Animation / Film / VFX at Ars Electronica Animation Festival /Electronic Theatre. September, 4th–8th 2014, Linz, Austria.
*FILE 2014. 25 Aug - 5 Oct. Sao Paulo. Brazil.
*Biwako Biennale 2014. 13 Sept - 09 Nov. Omihachiman, Japan
* Press realese for Biwako Biennale 2014. 25 July.
Konno hachimangu shrine. Shibuya, Tokyo. Japan.

*Frankfurter Kunstverein. 'Death is your body' Group exhibition. 01 May - 06 July. 2014.Frankfurt am main. Germany
Curated by Lilian Engelmann.
Featuring: AUJIK (SE/JP)
Berlinde De Bruyckere (BE)
Tudi Deligne (FR)
Omer Fast (IL)
Gosbert Gottmann (DE)
Kaia Hugin (NO)
Hannah Hurtzig (DE)
Teresa Margolles (MX)
Alexandra Meyer (CH)
Jana Müller (DE)
Wangechi Mutu (US/KE)
Thomas Rentmeister (DE)
Taryn Simon (US)
Raman Zaya (IR/DE)

*Karo - Kunst in der Kasteienstra ße, Essen, Germany. 28 May - 6 June.
Group exhuibition featuring: AUJIK, Dominik Jais, Renate Schütz, schaltWerk, Bianca Wickinghoff
*Contemporary Art Ruhr. Essen, Germany. 30 May - 1 June.
at the Zollverein world heritage site
curated by Julia Murakami and André Werner.
*Penetrating Surfaces - curated by Robert Seidel.
Austria Film Museum, Vienna. 24-25 May.

*the Japan-Day in Duesseldorf, 17 May 2014, Duesseldorf Film Museum, Germany.
curated by Julia Murakami and André Werner.
*Madefestivalen. 7-10 May. Vita Kuben. Norrlandsoperan. Umeå. Sweden.
Curated by David Moss, Helena Wikström and Elin Hellrön.
*Premiere of the video 'Impermanence Trajectory: stained seed' by Dazed & Confused magazine:

*Art Walk in Essen, Germany 30th Nov. with German artist Dominik Jais
*Art & Nature. Global Art & Moving Image Awards. CologneOFF 2013 Greece V. 3 dec. 19 Jan 2014. @ Florina School of Fine Arts:
*SIMULTAN 2013 'Popular unknown'. media art and artistic experiment. 10-12 oct. 2013 Timisoara, Romania.
*CologneOFF 2013 Greece IV
9th Cologne International Videoart Festival
@ 2nd Ionian International Digital Film Festival
9-12 October 2013 – Lefkas/Greece
*Reykjavik Art Museum. the Nordic Outbreak program by the Streaming Museum.
25-27 Oct.
*CologneOFF 2013 Lithuania

A Virtual Memorial Vilnius 2013
@ JCIC Vilnius & Kedainiai Regional Museum
23 September – 29 October 2013
*GLAMY AWARDS 2, the 2nd travelling screening program 
"art & nature" by Global Art & Moving Images Awards -http://glamia.newmediafest.org/
*STRATA Foundation Pinsiö/Finland. 24 Aug. Presented by CologneOFF, Art & Nature. Global Art & Moving Images Awards:
*Screengrab 2013. First price award to the video 'Impermanence Trajectory: the limbic nest' . New Media Arts Award at James Cook University, Townsville, Australia.
26 July - 14 August.
Screengrab 2013
* Rabiscuits. Video art & Animation. Alcobaca, Portugal. 2 August.
*FILE Media Art
FILE 2013 - Electronic Language International Festival
July 22-September 02, 2013, FIESP Cultural Centre, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
(Cathexis, a Forest within a Forest & 9 states of ambivalence)
*Konstkraft. sommarsalong(group exhibition)Ljusne, Sweden 29 June - 10 Aug.
*ISEA 2013: 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art. 8-28 June. Sydney Australia. Nordic Outbreak by the Steaming Museum.
*The video community: screening tour at Gallery's in Poland.
Contemporary Art Gallery BWA, Olsztyn, 3rd April 2013
Colony of Artists, Gdansk, 5th April 2013 
Labirynt Gallery, Lublin, 5th April 2013
Contemporary Museum, Wroclaw, 7th April 2013 
Bureau for Art Exhibitions, Kielce, 8th April 2013
Municipal Cultural Center Sokol, KOT Film Society, Nowy Sacz, 24th April 2013
Museum in Koszalin, Koszalin, 10th May 2013
Bielska Gallery BWA, Bielsko-Biala, 11th May 2013
Centre For Contemporary Art Ujazdowski Castle, KINO.LAB, Warszawa, 15th May 2013 
Arsenal Gallery, Bialystok, 18th May 2013
13 Muses Gallery, Szczecin, 18th May 2013
Municipal Gallery BWA, Bydgoszcz, 18th May 2013
Contemporary Art Gallery, Przemysl, 18th May 2013
Bureau for Art Exhibitions, Zielona Gora, 20th May 2013
Centre For Contemporary Art Kronika, Bytom, 25th May 2013
Art Centre – Sielecki Castle, Sosnowiec, 11th June 2013
Cultural Centre, Suwalki, 13th June 2013
Centre Of Contemporary Art Znaki Czasu, Torun, 13th June 2013
Arsenal Gallery, Poznan, 14th June 2013
City Art Gallery, Czestochowa, 14th June 2013
Museum of Art, Lodz, 21st June 2013
Contemporary Art Gallery, Opole, 21st June 2013
*The 9th International Festival of Digital Arts & New Media, Athens Video Art Festival. 7th – 9th June at the Historical Centre of Athens.
Cathexis & Impermanence Trajctory(animation program) + Cathexis full version(CologneOFF program)
*Contemporary Art Ruhr at the the Zollverein world heritage site by the Directors Lounge.
Essen, Germany 31 May - 2 June.
*Kristianstads konsthall, Sverige. May 23. presented by Filmform.
*Japan-Day at the Düsseldorf Filmmuseum, May 25. presented by Directors Lounge.
*Group Exhibition: Nordic Outbreak, New York City.
March 31 through April 30.
Full version of Cathexis at Big Screen Plaza 2-5 April.
At Scandinavia House - the Nordic Center in America 5-25 April.
Presented by Streaming Museum, curated and produced by Tanya Toft and Nina Colosi,
in collaboration with four guest curators: Daniela Arriado, Birta Gudjonsdottir, Kati Kivinen and Jacob Lillemose.

*VideoGUD 2013, competition, Slottsbiografen. Uppsala, Sweden. 19 April.
*Lightworks video art festival. Grimsby. UK, 15 March.
*Motion Festival Cyprus. Nicosia. Cyprus. 22-24 March.
*IAFA.Orlando Airport Marriott, Orlando, Florida. March 20-24 (Cathexis presented by Ritch Calvin: Professor at Stony Brook university New York)
*TVP Kultura. TV-broadcasting. Poland. 11 March.
*Group exhibition. Bunkier Sztuki Contemporary art gallery. Krakow. Poland. 6 Feb - 3 Mars.
*The 9th Berlin international directors lounge. 7-17 Feb.
*Carnival of e-creativity Sattal. India. 22-24 February 2013
*Oslo Central Station Screening.(by Oslo screen festival and Rom for kunst)Norway .25 January - 22 February.
*The video community:
Municipal Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, audiovisual hall, Krakow, Poland
26 January
*International Film Festival Rotterdamn, DINAMO "survival strategies" (with Filmform) 27 Jan.


*Cyberfest "at heavens door". St: Petersburg. Russia. 23-28 Nov.
*Anima - International animation festival Banja Luka. Herzegovina. Bosnia 23-28 Oct.
*Digital Art Festival Taipei. Taiwan. "artificial nature" screening. 16-25 Nov.
*SIGGRAPH Asia. Conferance and exhibition. Singapore 28 Nov- 1 Dec.
*Digital Marrakech.Morocco. 6-8 Dec.
*Videomedeja. Novi sad, Serbia. 14-16 Dec.
*29:th Kasseler dok fest. Germany. 13-18 Nov.
*Pixelpop Cardiff. Wales 28 Sept-14 Oct.
*Pixelpop Barranquilla. Colombia 28 Sept-14 Oct.
*Simultan - the beginnig of the end. Timisoara. Rumania. 11-13 Oct.
*Exterasa Arte Actula.(w. cologneOFF) Mexico City. 18-19 Oct.
*Biwako Biennale. Omihachinman. Japan. 15 Sept-4 Nov. 
*AND (Abandon Normal Devices)Group Exhibition. Mobile Republic: Digital Caravans. UK
10-11 Aug. Marina, Whitehaven, Cumbria. UK
17-18 Aug. Youthzone, Blackburn, Lancashire. UK
29 Aug-2 Sept. First Street, Manchester. UK
7-9 Sept. Avenham & Miller Parks, Preston, Lancashire. UK
*Screengrab. Group Exhibition. James Cook University. Townsville. Australia. 10 Aug- 4 Sept.
*Blumenfest Weißensse 2012.  24-26 Aug. Berlin. Germany
*Videoholica International Video Art Festival at the archaeological museum. Varna, Bulgaria. 30 july-3 aug.
*CCC. (the Center for Creative Communications) OnedotZero Shizuoka. Japan. 9-10 June.
*Space Shower TV, broadcasting and web premiere June. Japan. 
*Athens Video Art Festival. Greece. 20-22 May.
*Cinemateket.(w.Filmform) Stockholm. Sweden.  6 May
*Nippon Connection. Frankfurt am Main. Germany. 2-6 May
*58th International Film Festival. Oberhausen. Germany. (w. Filmform) 26 April - 1 May.
*VideoGUD. 20 April. Spegeln,Gavle. Sweden 
*Oslo screen festival. Oslo, Norway. Filmens hus/Cinemateket. 11 March.
*Japan Media Arts Festival 2012(w. Ars Electronica) Japan National Art Center Tokyo. 22 Feb-4 March.
*"You can tell us" Group Exhibition, Factory-Art Gallery. Berlin, Germany. 16 Feb-16 March.
*1st International Screening Festival. Cyprus. 23&24 March.
*Spitz Hotel. Ars electronica. Linz, Austria.
*”Deep Space Live” Ars Electronica Linz, Austria. 22 March.
*Ars Electronica Animation Festival 2011 at:
January 24th. Austrian Cultural Forum London
Mars 22th. Earth Day. National Science Museum in Jemen
May 18th 20th. New Codes */ Athens Video Art Festival 2012
May 18th. (Museum Night) until June 30th 2012 in Perm/Russland at the Permm Museum
May 25th. Mediathek Holon, Israel
June 1st. World Music Festivals Dikaja Mjata http://www.mintmusic.ru/ Moscow, RU
May 26th. in the framework of OHMI Trust at CBSO Centre in Berkley Street Birmingham
June 06th. Le Cube Paris / Screening Marathon
July 6th – 18th. Second Tehran Annual Digital Art Exhibition @ Mohsen Gallery
July 14th – 22th 2012, Sunset Janghang Festival, Seochon-gun, South Korea
August 24th 2012, Athens International Film Festival, Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, Athen / Greece
September 27th - November 04th. Donumenta, Regensburg / Germany
September 28th – October 04th.CMoDA (China Millennium Monument Museum of Digital Arts) in the framework of Beijing Design Week 2012, China
Athens International Film Festival
Internationales Kulturfestival "Cervantino", Guanajuato, Mexico
National Maritime Museum, Greenwich


*Attraction of the Opposites. 26 jan-6 feb. Rotterdam. Holland
*Souvenirs from Earth. Broadcasting. French & Germany. + screening at Palais de Tokyo. Paris. January. 
*International Film Festival. Rotterdam. Holland. 26 Jan. – 6 Feb. 2
*Japan Media Arts Festival "Jury recommended work". Japan National Art Center. Tokyo. 2 Feb.– 13 Feb.  
*CologneOFF 2011 UKRAINE. March. 
*Lightworks Festival. Grimsby. U.K. 18 March. 
*Nippon Connection. Frankfurt am Main, Germany. 27 April - 05 May. 
*VideoGUD. Falun, Sweden. 6-7 May. 
*We Love Japan. Oporto. Portugal. 27 May.
*DMY Festival 2011 Berlin. Platten Palast Gallery. with Patric Guenther. Berlin. Germany. 3-5 June. 
*Prix Ars Electronica "Honorary mention award". Linz. Austria. 31.8-6.9. 
*Ars Electronica Animation Festival. Linz. Austria. 31.8-6.9. 
*Siggraph - computer animation festival. Wien. Austria. 7 Oct.
*"WRAP LAP RAP" Group exhibition. Red Brick Warehouse. Yokohama. Japan. 12-17 Oct. 
*Computer Space. Sofia. Bulgaria 24.10-10.11.
*OneDotZero "Adventures in Motion"l 2011. BFI Southbank. London. 23-27 Nov.
*CMoDA: Creative Futures Exhibition. Beijing. China. 17 Dec-3 Jan.



*”the Grass is Greener” . Group exhibition. Vastmanlands museum
*JunKroom vol. 15. Video screening. Kyoto. Japan
*Erlebnisklo.(With Dominik Jais) Essen. Germany
*VideoGUD. Uppsala. Sweden
*Brooklyn Bowl. New York City. USA
*Tags. Novosibirsk. Russia
*Expanded Architecture. Part of Sydney Architecture Festival. Australia
*OneDotZero"Adventures in Motion" 2010.BFI Southbank, London.
*STRP. Art & Technology. Klokgebouw, Eindhoven. Holland. 18-28 Nov. 

Solo Exhibitions:
2001. QNQ.STR. Galleri 60. Umea
2007. 3 AUJIK videos. Osaka contemporary art center. Osaka. Japan.
2009. MOLOCH. Dohjidai Gallery. Kyoto. Japan
2011. 9 - 21 May. AUJIK - Cathexis. Art Space Kimura Gallery. Tokyo. Japan.
2015. CAC (Contemporary Art Center) Vilnius, Lithuania. 4-18 March.
Curated by Neringa Bumbliene.

2005. Umeå stipendium
2005. Mimmi Brunsen's Stipendium 
2006. Länskonststipendiat. Gavleborgs lan
2008. 1-Year Working Grant. Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2011. Project Grant. Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2011. Project Grant. Ax:son Johnson's foundation 
2014. International exchange grant. Swedish Arts Grants Committee
2014. Project Grant. Ax:son Johnson's foundation 

Prix Ars Electronica 2011. Linz, Austria. Honorary mention award.
Japan Media Arts festival. Japan National Museum. Tokyo, Japan. Jury recommended work.
Screen grab 2013. New Media Art. First Price award. James Cook's university. Townsville, Australia.

Ars Electronica
Source Video Magazine
Swedish Art Council
Souvenirs from Earth
Japan Media Arts Festival
Space Shower

Articles and interviews:
Visual Art Beat Internet Magazine
Stigmart Video Magazine
One point Four
Visual Art Beat Magazine
33:rd Square

Pink Tentacle
Trash Lab


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